Egg Freezing Programs

Egg Freezing Program

The egg freezing program at Aspire Houston Fertility Institute has been successfully practiced for over five years, longer than many fertility centers in the United States. Pregnancy and live birth rates resulting from frozen eggs at our institution approach those of fresh IVF cycles.

About Egg Freezing

Oocyte cryopreservation, commonly called egg freezing, is a service provided by the Aspire Houston Fertility Institute. This egg freezing technology provides a means of fertility preservation for women facing medical treatment that could impact the number or quality of their eggs, such as chemotherapy, radiation, or ovarian surgery, and for women not yet ready to start a family who desire to maintain their fertility potential. Read more about egg freezing at Aspire Houston Fertility Institute.

Egg Freezing Program & Third Party Reproduction

An egg freezing program also provides egg donors for patients who are otherwise unable to have children using their own eggs and need the help of third party reproduction. Patients of Aspire Houston Fertility Institute have access to our donor egg bank program, which is filled with donor eggs from only the most qualified donors.

Inquire About the Aspire HFI Egg Freezing Program

If you are interested in our egg freezing program, we invite you to schedule a consultation at one of our 14 locations. You can also contact us with questions.

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