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New IVF Study!

Posted by Celement on September 20th, 2013

At Houston Fertility Institute, we love participating in research studies, not only do we learn invaluable information to better our techniques and protocols, but it allows patients to receive waived fees of some sorts, this one being free medications!


  • Women between 21-40 years of age undergoing first IVF at HFI
  • Normal ovarian reserve testing (cycle day 3 FSH < 10 mIU /mL, and AMH > 1.0 ng/mL)
  • No Presence of untreated Hydrosalpinx
  • No History of recurrent pregnancy loss
  • No Chromosomal translocation of female or male partner
  • No Genetic indication for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

Study Provides:

  • Up to 3000iu of stimulation meds ( Bravelle and/or Menopur)
  • 2 boxes of Endometrin for FET cycle

Ask you physician or call one of our offices to see if this study is right for you!!

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