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Financial Assistance for IVF Treatment

Aspire Houston Fertility Institute’s Unique Financial Assurance Plan & Financing for Fertility Treatments

Interested in learning about financial assistance for IVF treatment or other quality fertility treatment? At Houston Fertility Institute, we believe that insurance and financing for quality infertility treatments should not be cost prohibitive. Whether needing ovulation induction or in-vitro fertilization (IVF), medicines, procedures and other expenses shouldn’t spread your financial resources thin.

In this interest, we are proud to offer a Financial Assurance Plan to fertility and IVF patients of our Houston and The Woodlands, Texas-area clinics. This assurance plan rivals that of any other fertility center in Texas. We also work closely with insurance providers that cover IVF as well as financing companies that offer financial assistance for fertility treatment in order to develop a payment plan that best suits your needs.

Grants Offering Financial Assistance for IVF

If your family has a documented need for infertility treatments, Houston Fertility Institute is pleased to present grants for IVF treatment from Sparkles of Life, Inc. Our team also works with a number of infertility charities to ensure every couple has opportunities to receive financial assistance for IVF or other fertility treatment needed to achieve their dream of growing a family.

Know Your Options

Education is one of the most valuable steps your family can take when seeking the right financing for fertility treatments. That’s why we encourage you to discuss all options of financial assistance for IVF or other fertility treatment with one of our financial counselors during your initial consult. When you speak with a counselor, you’ll find we offer competitive financial assistance for IVF through our Financial Assurance Plan in addition to providing grant information and verification of insurance benefits.

Lender Offering Financial Assistance for Fertility Treatment

Aspire HFI understands that fertility treatments not only take an emotional toll, but can also take a financial one. We believe no one should be burdened by financial stress when it comes to building or growing their family, and want you to know financial assistance is available. We invite you to explore the opportunity to finance your fertility treatment through the program that best fits your needs.

• Lending Club
• Capex MD
Future Family
• Prosper Healthcare

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