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Become an Egg Donor

Give the Gift of Family Through Egg Donation

Help Aspiring Parents Achieve Their Family-Building Dreams

Becoming an egg donor is a unique opportunity to change lives in a profound way by making it possible for individuals and couples to start or grow their families. At Aspire Houston Fertility Institute, we honor the health and wellness of our egg donors and strive to provide an exceptional egg donation experience from start to finish.

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Egg Donor Compensation

Although the gift of life is priceless, it’s important that egg donors be generously compensated for their time, effort, and dedication. At Aspire Houston Fertility Institute, our egg donors receive $7,000 - $10,000 per donation, with the potential to donate up to 6 times.

“My husband and I had struggled with fertility for years and egg donation was our last option to build the family that we dreamed of. We are forever grateful!”
— Aspiring Parent
“During the process of becoming an egg donor, I learned so much about myself. Not only was I able to help a family, but the compensation allowed me to pay off my student loans and get a jumpstart on life!”
— Christine, Egg Donor

Egg Donor Requirements & Qualifications

Before filling out an application, please review the following list of requirements to ensure eligibility:

  • Between 21 and 31 years old (you can donate up to age 34)
  • Body mass index (BMI) under 30
  • Have at least a high school diploma or GED; college preferred
  • No nicotine or drug use
  • Have regular menstrual cycles

The Egg Donor Journey: What to Expect

Step 1 | Complete Our Online Application

The first step is to fill out a short online application that takes about 3-5 minutes to complete. If approved, you’ll be prompted to fill out a more extensive questionnaire about your medical history, family medical history, personality, hobbies, and interests. This part of the application also includes submitting photographs. This is your opportunity to share what makes you unique with us and prospective intended parents.

Step 2 | Phone Interview and Medical Screening Process

Upon completion of the online application, a member of our team will contact you directly to conduct an initial phone interview so we can get to know you a little better. All qualified candidates are then scheduled to initiate the medical screening process, which includes a physical exam, bloodwork, ovarian reserve assessment, vaginal ultrasound, genetic testing, screening for infectious diseases, and psychological evaluation. Candidates who pass all screenings are added to the egg donor database.

Step 3 | Ovarian Stimulation

Once you become an approved egg donor in our program, our team will schedule you for ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval. Ovarian stimulation takes approximately two weeks and involves administering self-injected fertility medications to trigger your ovaries into producing multiple eggs. During this time, you’ll visit our office regularly so that we can monitor your ovaries and egg development.

Step 4 | The Egg Retrieval Procedure

Once your eggs are ready, we will schedule your egg retrieval procedure. Performed under light sedation as an outpatient procedure, egg retrieval is minimally invasive and only takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Questions About Egg Donation?

If you would like to speak to someone about the egg donation process, application, or compensation, please email us at [email protected].

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