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Sparkles of Life IVF Garden of Life Grant

Posted by Celement on January 23rd, 2012

Sparkles of Life, Inc. is presenting an IVF grant opportunity for deserving families who demonstrate a documented need for fertility treatment starting August 15, 2011. All interested candidates should contact them at [email protected], visit All applications should be submitted electronically.

What is Sparkles of Life?

Sparkles of Life offers IVF grant opportunities for couples in need.

Sparkles of Life, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting couples on their paths to parenthood. They recognize that every family building journey is unique; and they are especially sensitive to the emotional and financial burden placed upon couples struggling to conceive. They have formed a partnership with the Houston Fertility Institute to provide deserving couples with the Sparkles’ Garden of Life Grant. Through the IVF grant, those whose delayed parenting journey consists of documented infertility or miscarriage(s) receive significant financial assistance to undergo In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment.

Who Decides Who Receives IVF Grants?

Dr. Daniel B. Williams, the Medical Director of Sparkles of Life, Inc. stated that “It’s important for patients to be educated about the different treatment options … This allows the patient to make good decisions and ask the right questions of their providers. Sparkles of Life provides a great service in helping others to do just that.” Now they are taking it to the next level by helping deserving couples get the treatment they need by making it more affordable with the Sparkles Garden of Life Grant.

Selection committee members include Dr. Daniel Williams (Houston Fertility Institute), Dr. Christopher Kwong (EMERUS 24 HR Emergency Room), Kelli Burroughs, MD (Sweetwater Ob/Gyn Associates), Katherine Diase, MD (Southwest Ob/Gyn), Rachel McNeil, an anchor for KPRC, Channel 2 News, Chris Axelrad, M.S.O.M., L.A.c.,FABORM – Licensed Acupuncturist (The Axelrad Clinic) and Dr. Chanelle Clark (Kelsey Seybold).

Who is Rhonda Nwosu?

Sparkles of Life was founded by Rhonda Lewis-Nwosu in 2008, after her own personal journey with infertility. She endured four miscarriages during the first nine years of her marriage to husband, Ral Nwosu. Their mission is to share hope and support with other families who are struggling with infertility issues and desiring to be parents. In March of 2007, she and Ral become parents of twin girls, Raquel and Rachel.

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