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IVF Success Stories and Giving Thanks

Posted on November 27th, 2013

As all of us at the Houston Fertility Institute begin to build momentum for another holiday season we’re given pause to reflect on the things for which we’re truly grateful.

This Thanksgiving, we’d like to share with you the three things we hold most dear to our hearts and that inspire us the most as we look forward to another year of helping patients achieve their dreams.

  1. Our Patients
    When we think of why it is we do what we do, we see the faces of the people who come to us, hopeful, nervous, yearning to be happy and grow old as parents of beautiful children, and we see all of the IVF success stories that have taken place here at HFI.

Simply put, we are thankful for you, our patients, who, through quiet strength, courage, and determination, give each of us the gift of a remarkably positive and life-affirming perspective that drives us forward each and every day.

We know that sometimes the journey can be difficult. But we also know that, together, we can climb mountains. Thank you, most sincerely, for climbing them with us.

  1. Our Babies
    The purpose of everything we do is swaddled warmly in the arms of a new mother or father, crying, yawning, sleeping soundly, a tuft of hair curled across a soft forehead above eyes that see the world for the first time.

At the Houston Fertility Institute, we all realize the significance of what we do and are reminded of it with each little noise that comes from the loving arms of smiling patients. We understand what a special gift life is and are humbled by it every day.

As we enter the holiday season, we’re eternally thankful for our babies and the wonderful possibilities of all the stories that are yet to be written.

  1. Our Doctors
    It may seem like it should go without saying that we’re thankful for our doctors but we don’t think so. Our doctors are responsible for each and every IVF success story and are the geniuses behind all the magic that happens at the Houston Fertility Institute. We are especially thankful for their unsurpassed commitment to patients and excellence in assisted reproductive technology.

Our doctors have helped us expand our offerings to include embryo adoption and they regularly participate in clinical trials to ensure we provide the best, most advanced IVF treatments available to ensure continued IVF success stories.

And we’re especially thankful for our new doctors, who will help further our mission of helping patients achieve their dreams.

Our Most Sincere Thanks
This holiday season, the Houston Fertility Institute wishes our patients, our babies, and our doctors a happy, safe, and warm Thanksgiving.

If you’re thinking about starting a family this holiday season, contact us at 281-357-1881 or visit

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