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HFI & Advocacy Day in Washington D.C.

Posted by Celement on April 10th, 2012

What is Advocacy Day?

Advocacy Day was started by Resolve – an infertility awareness, non-profit organization. This year’s Advocacy Day is focusing on the Family Act. The Family Act was a bill proposed in May of 2011 by Senator Kristin Gillibrand of NY to create a tax credit for IVF expenses that are out of pocket. This would be HUGE to all of our current and future patients and allow more people to have access to the fertility treatment they didn’t think possible. The Family Act would give up to $13,000 tax credit, not a deduction, but a credit!! This bill would change the way the government sees infertility and would recognize that financials should never be the reason why a couple can’t become a family.

Why Is Houston Fertility Institute involved?

Houston Fertility Institute is a BIG supporter of this bill. It isn’t enough to just say we support it and hope for the best, we are going to go to Washington DC and speaking with our congressmen to tell them how our patients, and the rest of Americans, DESERVE this tax credit for IVF! We want YOU to know that at HFI, the patient’s needs come first! This is all about YOU!

What Can I do to participate?

HFI going to Washington DC isn’t enough, though. There is power in numbers and you can make a difference by taking 2 minutes to fill out a blanket email to our congressmen. You can personalize it for more impact if you’d like. Just click on this link and fill in the blanks.

How can we find out about what is going on or how it went?

After Advocacy Day, we will be sure to write a follow up to this blog and attach pictures so you all can see what we did, and we can report to you how it went. I’ll also be tweeting and updating Facebook along the way – please log in and like us on Facebook so you can read all the details!

We could be changing how fertility is viewed by our government and helping create the means for so many yearning couples to become families. Let’s make a difference – TOGETHER!