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In Vitro Financial Assistance & Financial Assurance Plan

Aspire Houston Fertility Institute offers a Unique Financial Assurance Plan

At Aspire Houston Fertility Institute, we believe that quality infertility treatment, whether intrauterine insemination (IUI), ovulation induction, or in-vitro fertilization (IVF), should not be cost prohibitive. In this interest, we are proud to offer a Financial Assurance Plan to IVF patients of our Houston and The Woodlands, Texas-area clinic that rivals that of any other fertility center. We also work closely with insurance providers as well as financing companies offering in vitro financial assistance in order to develop a payment plan that best suits your needs.

Aspire HFI’s Financial Assurance Plan

Aspire HFI is the largest and most experienced fertility practice in Texas. More Obstetrician/Gynecologists recommend Aspire HFI than any other practice in Texas. Our broad clinical experience and 12 physicians allows us to consistently achieve pregnancy rates higher than the national average and we stand firmly behind each and every IVF cycle we perform. Aspire Houston Fertility Institute is so confident in our pregnancy rates that we offer the Aspire HFI Financial Assurance Plan:

The Aspire HFI Financial Assurance Plan is different from that of other centers in that we share the financial risk with the patient. If you do not become pregnant during your first fresh IVF cycle and embryo transfer and there are no embryos remaining for transfer, all subsequent fresh IVF cycles are free of all Aspire HFI physician fees. * Our offer is a true financial assurance we take with you — our patient.

* Some rules and regulations may apply – please see an Aspire HFI Financial Counselor for full details.

Details of the Financial Assurance Plan

This program excludes patients with insurance coverage for IVF

  • Patient is still responsible for anesthesia, laboratory, facility and medications.
  • For the subsequent cycles, the Aspire HFI Assurance plan only applies for the same type of IVF treatment.
  • Aspire HFI’s Financial Assurance Program is not applicable on Embryo Adoption.

Please contact your financial counselor for further explanation.

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